About Us


The Company

The company is engaged in the business of gold since 2010 in the purchase of precious metals to private individuals. The beginning of his journey had as its purpose the continuation of the business area of a previous generation linked to the jewellery.

Company data:
F. M. Damas Unipessoal Lda.
NIF: 509606261
No title of activity INCM - Lisbon: L340065


The Project


The Contrast gold is the first jewelry sale of gold and silver that are used exclusively online. This new project comes from acordo with what we believe to be a gap in the market for the sale of gold used through this platform. We thought well give the possibility to the true connoisseurs of acquiring pieces of gold, silver, and jewels of high quality to less than half its value in new.

In 2015 we also our customers to acquisition jewelry new, thus expanding the choice and consolidating the company in the areas of jewellery.

The Parts

The used parts that we offer on the site undergo a rigorous selection and only those that are in good condition are chosen. After the selection, are subjected to a specific treatment, cleaning, getting on with the brightness identical to the new gold. All the parts sold by us have the mark of the contrastaria of portugal, which proves the truthfulness and purity of the same.

Ninety percent of the articles that we provide have a touch of 19.2 K (800milésimas), the touch of each piece is always explicit in the description of the same.

The new parts are brands, and follow the highest tradition of the master goldsmiths Portuguese.

In case of doubt about the authenticity of the marks, the buyer can resort to the services of the contrastarias.


We are committed to the excellent price/quality ratio and in the exceptional care given to our clients.


Be very welcome to your jewelry store online and good shopping!